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Is it OK to Kiss My Dog?

Counter-question: is it ok to kiss people? The answer to both is pretty much the same. One can kiss whoever they like as long as the other side is ok with it. Yep, the notion of consent applies to our relationships with dogs as well.

But I love my dear fluffy Susan so much! How can she not be ok with it?

Kissing and hugging activities do not come naturally to dogs. If anything similar is demonstrated by her fellow canines, Susan can perceive it as undue familiarity and even get pretty angry. Certainly, dogs, just like us, may have their best buddies who they are attached to. Those are allowed to do much more than a random sighthound John who Susan met the other day in the park. Say, when it comes to her beloved Edmund, she will be happy to cuddle whereas this ‘stranger danger’ John will have to settle for watching her juicy assets from afar.  

But I am also her best buddy! And I am not a dog.

In general dogs can tolerate human weaknesses fairly well. They’ve been living alongside people for a few thousand years and have got used to the fact that humans are not exactly perfect but ok species. 

So, that means I can start the kissing? 

Well, it very much depends on the doggo. Certain Edmunds are sensitive souls who faint at the slightest hint of kissing. Others enjoy being tightly squeezed and smooched all over. Plus there’s a wide spectrum of doggo preferences between these two. So, once again - it all depends on the particular dog.  

If your doggie is tactile and often approaches you to be petted - it will most likely  welcome the parent’s kiss on the head, for example. If your Edmund has never in his life demonstrated enthusiasm for touchy-feely stuff and tactile contact in general - well, then it’s better to leave him alone. Your Edmund is a touch-me-not. And a kiss-me-not, for that matter. If you force kisses on him, at best he will be confused and shy away from you even more in the future, or, in the worst case scenario, will absolutely freak out. 


1. If your doggo doesn’t like displays of physical affection - it’s better to avoid kissing.
2. If you notice that your pup is pulling away, licking, freezing and getting tense in their body - this is their way of asking you politely to stop doing whatever you’re doing at the moment. From now on your only option will be blowing kisses.